MGF & TF Rear Window Replacement & Zip Kits

Hello!!, my name is Sonia Morris. I offer a rear screen replacement service either at my premises or by return post. I also offer a zip repair kit. 

(prices correct as of December 2013)

MGF Rear Window Replacement

You come to me service

For this service I will need your car for approximately one hour. The work consists of the removal of the rear window and the replacement of the rear screen into your existing zip out section, then refitting the section back into your hood. I use 1mm thick green tint as originally used by MG.

The total cost for this service is £120, inclusive of fitting and all parts, there are no hidden extras! Please note that my premises are near Hounslow, Middlesex.

You send to me service

I also offer a next day return service, post your window to me for replacement. This service will cost (including £11.00 postage) a total of £92.00. If you need a Saturday delivery, the cost will be  a total of £96.20.  These prices include the rivets needed to refit the window, a new sticky back Velcro tab and end clip for the zip. (This is a guaranteed next day return service). The postage stated is for delivery within the UK only, please ring or email me for postage costs outside of the UK.

Screen Options

You can buy the screen just in the normal green tint, click on the thumbnails below to see.

If you need your rear screen replaced, or  have any questions, please do not hesitate to ring or email me, details below. Replacing your window on a weekend is not a problem, this includes Sundays & bank holidays!.

Zip Repair Kit

I can also supply zip sliders / runners for the MGF/TF zip in the form of a repair kit. These are original sliders as used by MG and are the only slider to fit the MGF/TF zip. If your zip no longer closes together and the teeth on the zip are ok, the problem is the slider not the zip. But now you don't have to pay £180 + to have your zips changed. The repair kit will fix the problem for a fraction of what it would normally cost. The kit includes both sizes of slider, end stops for both ends of the zip, a new sticky back Velcro tab, a stud to re-attach your zip pull fob and another pull fob should yours be missing. The kit comes complete with fitting instructions. These kits are just £16.50 including p&p. To purchase a repair kit, or if you require any further details, please ring or email me.

Contact Details

To purchase any of the above, or for further information, please ring me on 02088939747 or 07904893460, or email me here.

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